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Fellas Perfume for Men by Belavenir perfumes has the most refreshingly , rewarding scent and its perfect for those Men who takes on every day with gusto,who loves and lives everyday with enthusiasm. The very sweet hesperidic, succulent, juicy, honeyed yet sensual and floral fragrance of Mandarin Orange in Fellas perfume by Bel Avenir’s is perfect Scent for relaxing and calming your mind. . . Plus the Patchouli in it provide strong, slightly sweet, intoxicating dark, musky-earthy aroma profile. .

Did you know that men often tend to judge fragrances just the way they judge cars? The most important feature a man looks out for when choosing a fragrance is sophistication. And while there many great men’s fragrances, when it comes to choosing the best fragrance for men you need to choose the truly iconic ones!

To help you pick the right perfume or cologne, we have compiled a list of the best fragrance for men of all times! Read this article below to know more:


Augment (Pour Homme)

Augment (Pour Homme) reflects a clean, refreshing & invigorating elegance. This lavender-coriander based perfume evokes a masculine confidence. Its brilliant freshness makes it perfect for any outing! Priced at INR 1499 it is among the best men’s cologne 2019. Get your hands on this masculine fragrance.

Cuir Toscan (Pour Homme)

The combination raspberry, saffron & thyme makes this fragrance an absolutely irresistible one. This one is among the best fragrance for men 2019 owing to the freshness and sheer versatility that it offers. You can wear this amazing fragrance to almost any event. Be it a party, wedding or a date night, Cuir Toscan (Pour Homme) will do all the talking! The cost for this absolutely versatile fragrance is INR 1299. To buy you can –

Desire (Pour Homme)

Looking for the best smelling men’s cologne 2019? Here is your answer! A fruity cocktail of lavender, green apple, mint & grapefruit, Desire (Pour Homme) is perfect for self-confident types and those that like to challenge convention. This floral-heavy fragrance is quite opposite of the usual fragrances and is warmed with lavender to make a suave scent that celebrates the softer side of being a man. Priced at just INR 999, you can buy this amazing perfume.

Fellas (Pour Homme)

If you are someone who is looking forward to purchasing a fragrance that is clean, fresh & graceful, then Fellas (Pour Homme) is the answer. This fragrance is ideal for the workplace atmosphere. It’s also a perfect fragrance for all the sports lovers out there. Fellas (Pour Homme is priced at INR 1299 and you can get your hands on this one, here.

These were our top picks for the best perfume for men 2019. They say while creating a fragrance is an art, choosing the right one is more of like science! We hope our blog helps you find just the right kind of fragrance that matches your persona!

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