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AEON (Pour Femme)

Aeon is a bright, fresh and energetic fragrance. Aeon is at once fresh and smooth with sandalwood and musk lending just a touch of creaminess to the juicy apple and pale flowers. Cucumber is evident at the first spritz, but it quickly settles into acquatic flowers with a hint of tart apple.Aeon is fragrance of all moods.

AEON is fruity, very slightly musky and mostly clean it can be worn by anyone.
About the Woman wearing AEON EDP: AEON pour femme EDP matches the picture of free soul, bold, but charming woman. A fragrance for woman who likes dancing in Flower gardens and tossing pennies into fountains, a woman who makes out most from any situation.

When & Where to wear: - A perfect fragrance for springtime and warm climate. This scent is also not particular to any season. You can use it all the year round especially in the countries like ours (INDIA) where it is seventy percent of year is summer and warm.

- Fragrance of all moods , weather and time ( day & night wear).
- It could be worn in day time for casual outing or even to work office/school or at night if you prefer lighter, subtle fragrance.

    Top - Apple, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Magnolia.
    Middle – Tuberose, Lily of the valley, Rose, Violet.
    Base – Sandalwood, White Amber.
Rs 1299