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Cara by BEL Avenir is a mysterious, vibrant fragrance with a distinctive blend of woody and gentle floral notes. Cara perfume conveys passion sensuality and the essence of absolute femininity. A rich floral woody amber fragrance containing jasmine sambac, cashmere wood and white amber to create out of this world fragrance. Its phenomenal to think of the power that this scent brings mystique while only containing above three simple notes. Cara is bold, rich, deep, dark, mysterious and sexy. This EDP Cara fragrance in particular has more of a magical witchy tone to it because of its uniquely mysteriously sensuality.

About Woman wearing Cara: Bel Avenir Cara EDP is for the woman who commands a room. A woman who is bold and saucy but never gives away too much. There is mystery behind her and a transcendent quality as if she is not a girl next door. Her gaze eludes you, just as her fragrance alludes you. Bel Avenir imagines their woman to be one who is surrounded by an aura of mystery, magic and fantasy. She is powerfully seductive, beautiful and a Goddess in her own right. She always takes breath away.

When & Where to wear: Preferable in the dark of night, and day wear in the Fall/Winter, as its glowing depth is perfect for.
: Casual wear such as Wedding or Party, Lunch or Dinner date with friends.

    Top – Sambac Jasmine.
    Middle – Cashmere wood, Solar notes.
    Base – White Amber.
Rs 999