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CUIR Toscan | Best Perfume for men


Top opens with raspberry, saffron and thyme. The heart axhales the beautiful essence of olibanum and jasmine. The base is a smoldering composition of leather , suede, amber and woodynotes. A smoky , bitter rich tar leather accord combines to create a scent paradox. A perfume that’s both clean and sultry, bone- dry and sweet. Although it remains true leather scent through and through. Cuir toscan shows its refined, softer side, bey letting an herbal, fruity and floral sweetness of night blooming jasmine to break its toughness and gets softer and more supple with wear.

About Men wearing Cuir Toscan - Best Perfume for Men : As a fragrance Cuir Toscan solves a dilemma every modern man faces. Wearing Cuir Toscan no one will accuse of being inappropriate or too aggressive. The people who smell it on you and recognize it will smile and even give you meaningful nod. This scent is ubiquitous symbol of modern masculinity and success.

About when & where to Wear: Wear this for wedding , Party ,Night out.
-Wear this to smell bold and aggressive in office meeting.
-If there is a scent to wear to a hostage negotiation , this is the one

    Top - Raspberry, Saffron , Thyme
    Middle - Olibanum, Jasmine
    Base - Leather, Suede,Amber,Woody Notes
Rs 1299