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Gallant is a rich and heavy blend of fine fragrance ingredients. A brave , masculine , seductive and iconic male fragrance. Notes includes grapefruit, cinnamon and spice notes ,Middle includes rose, blonde leather and blood orange, base includes amber, white woods and patchouli. As a heady and boozy fragrance its impressive that Gallant is able to create seamless transition between its phases and notes careful transition with deliberate and calculated structure one after the other.

About Men who wears : Gallant EDP is an iconic male fragrance,representing the power and luxury . Gallant evokes every masculine fantasy and desire. Fragrance is for the confident man ,One who is not afraid to show who he really is. Fragrance for Brave , Heroic ,Daring and Fearless.

When & Where to wear : In winter day & night wear
- In summer evening& night wear
- Everyday , Casual to Romantic wear.
- Clubbing and Date .
- Though go lightly when wearing to work or school.

    Top – Mandarin Orange , Grape Fruit , Peppermint.
    Middle – Absolute rose , cinnamon , spices.
    Base – Blonde leather , patchouli, white woods, amber .
Rs 999