Why perfume is the perfect gift?

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Whenever you think of gifting someone all you can think of is personalized gifts like Photo Frames, mugs etc or you go with extremely expensive gifts that will give happiness for few moments.

Even with Endless gift options available nowadays perfume is still a classic gift choice – for both men and women because of certain reasons.

1. Perfume is a thoughtful Gift

When Gifting someone a perfume, you have to take into picture the personality of that person , the likes and dislikes of that person. Based on that you have to guess the perfect scent the person may like as you can’t take the other person’s nose everywhere with you. This long process of guessing and finding a perfect scent for gifting someone in all shows that you have put a lot of thought into gift and you have done that as you care about them.

2. It brings back old Memories

Have you ever experienced that, when you sniff a scent of flower you are suddenly taken to happy sunny days or when you sniff a scent of some delicacy you are immediately taken back to the memory associated with it?

This is because; our nose is king of the sensory senses. It has the best power of sniffing out nostalgia. Smells/Fragrances are hugely linked with memories. When we sniff that scents again our mind have the power to transport you to another time or place.

So when at some special occasion you gift somebody with a fragrance it means every time they put that scent on, , no matter how many others they’ve worn since then, they’ll always be reminded of you, and memories of your warmth and happiness.

3. Scent is a mood-booster

It’s a proven fact that a Good Fragrance has power to affect and completely change your mood in good positive way. Similarly certain fragrances even trigger feelings of peace and serenity in certain people. In same manner scent enhances work performance and behavior in various ways.

This is main advantage of wearing perfume it enhances your mood, lifts your spirits, brighten your day. So no matter what your mood is a good fragrance can brighten your mood any time of the day. There are many different kind of perfumes available for different moods. A perfect perfume choice can apt you in the mood you want to be.

So next time whenever you are looking for the perfect gift, be it for your mother, brother, sister, friend , relatives or other half without giving even second thought choose the perfume instantly. Give your loved one the thoughtful multipurpose gift of memories.

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