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Based on personality every women prefer a signature scent that speaks about her perfectly. Some prefer warm and mild fragrance while some prefer mysterious and dark one. But finding that perfect fragrance from the pool of perfumes is the deadly task most people hate. To reduce the hassle of Ladies BelAvenir has come up with wide range of women perfumes that will suit every women’s personality.



If your personality depicts loving, delightful yet flirty attitude, and if you prefer mild floral fragrance Adorable by Belavenir is perfect for you. Its the perfect iconic perfume with the blend of sugary fruits and flower fragrance. The fruity smell of apple, melon and peach is mixed with lily and jasmine’s fragrance. This will give you perfect sweet feminine aroma and leaves behind alluring fragrance of oak and sandalwood. This aroma will last long throughout the day.


Cara by BelAvenir is perfect for those women who are bold and sassy and owns the world with their mysterious personality.T his Scent is mysterious intrigue of jasmine smabac ,cashmere wood and white amber that leaves behind a very strong rich floral woody amber fragrance that’s totally unique in its own way.

This mysterious rich fragrance depicts bold, rich, deep, dark, mysterious, sexy and confident women. Its a perfect gift for your women who is irristiably strong and confident.


Esparanza, by BelAvenir is for modern girl of 21st century who is bold, powerful , dashing ,crazy yet simple and elegant. Its designed keeping in mind both contradictions – Freshly light and moodly dark. Its fragrance is very different from your regular sweet and floral scents, as along with jasmine it includes other fragrant rich cocoa, coffee and Almonds these ingredients together deliver a unique rich fragrance that’s extremely pleasing and alluring.


For a woman who is always chilled out, cheerful, bubbly and happy all the time, Aeon is perfect. Aeon by Belalvenir, perfectly matches with the vibes of such openly spirited soul, dashing, bold women. The fragrance of Aeon is absolute magic that sprinkle’s a dreamy fragrance wherever you go because of its unique elements right from sandal wood to cucumber and touch of juicy apple and pale flowers.


Lush by Belavenir is for those who are yet to find their signature scent.Its perfect blend with yuzu and pomegranate along with blossoms of lotus flower, magnolia and peony gerenates fresh and soothing aroma that captivates your senses completely. The scent is a perfect fusion of the feminine and bold qualities that a woman possesess. It goes with all mood. Mainly womens who loves to be surrounded by mild aroma of promogranate, icy freshness and yuzu. It has a very attractive fresh soothing scent that’s lasts for long time.

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